3D plasma cutting

We guarantee maximum productivity, reliability and quality of the finishings

Sheet metal folding under pressure

Sheet metal folding services according to specific customer requirements

Punching and shearing metal sheets

Cutting, pressing, shaping and drilling metal sheets

High definition plasma cutting, pantographed fences and gates

Processing of stainless steel metal sheets, carbon steel and aluminum. Plasma cutting with a three-dimensional rotation torch, punching, shearing and sheetmetal folding with CNC systems.

Laminates processing iron

We are specialized in the processing of sheet metal third account.
Thanks to our latest generation industrial installations, we provide cutting jobs with a rotating tridimensional plasma torch, press bending, shearing and punching of metal sheets with numerical control systems, ensuring the highest professionality to get quality products with nice finish in short time and competitive price.

We transform quality materials according to projects and needs of the clients with the possibility of additional processing and finishing treatments.


Metal carpentry works on metal sheets

Pantograph is targeted at building professionals, carpenters, craftsmen, installers, designers and workers of the iron, offering professional services and experience in working pantographed metal sheets for the most varied uses: pantographed panels for gates and fences, balconies, rose windows, plate rails, fixing plates, plates for carpentry and many other carpentry works.


3D plasma cutting

Our tridimensional plasma cutting system HPR260XD Bevel with working range 2500x4000 allows us to make any shape or decoration of stainless steel metal sheets, aluminum and iron for meet all demands that customers submit to us from the smallest pantographed signs to the largest gates panel.

Sheetmetal folding

Our press bending system by 220 tons allows us to carry out the shaping and the numerical control bending of metal sheet steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We can create finished and semi-finished products of any form, simple or complex, in series, at low cost and with practically no margin for error.

Punching and shearing

Thanks to the system of punching with repositioning at numerical control we can perform cutting and shaping quickly and safely to a thickness of 6 mm. Our hydraulic shear, instead, allows us to work at very high precision sheets metal of size up to 3000 mm and with a thickness up to 3 mm.