Plasma cutting sheet metal, carpentry works third account

Sheet metal processing service tailored

We transform iron plates on finished or semi-finished products for carpentry, quickly and at competitive costs. With our latest generation systems, dedicated software and specialized staff, we can meet all the demands of our customers both in terms of quality and service.

Pantograph takes care by two generations of the processing of sheet metal third account with the latest equipment as per drawings provided by the customer.

We carry out metal processing from the larger panel for gates to smaller accessories maintaining high quality standards at very competitive prices succeeded, in this way, to achieve the perfect balance between technology and tradition.

We can meet all the demands of our customers with different technical requirements.

Thanks to the installations available to us we can realize:

  • plasma cutting, bevels and caulking of sheets up to a thickness of 38 mm
  • sheet metal folding under pressure of the length of 4000 mm from 2 to 15 mm thickness
  • punching and ashlar of metal panels 1000 x 1500 mm and thickness of 6 mm
  • shearing sheet metal up to 3000 mm in length and thickness up to 3 mm

5 good reasons to choose Pantograph

We work on customer drawings or project

We provide free quotes for all projects

We carry out work at highly competitive prices

We provide a complete and professional service

We are creative geniuses thanks to our experience!

All our work is carried out by experienced staff and attentive to the smallest details
to optimize delivery times and a final surrender to perfection
avoiding waste and offering products without imperfections
HPR260XD Bevel plasma cutting

HPR260XD Bevel

Plasma cutting machine with a working range of 2500x4000 mm and thickness up to 38 mm

powermax 105 plasma cutting


Plasma cutting machine with a working range of 1500x3000 mm and thickness from 0.5 mm to 12 mm

rainer 2000 punching machine


Punching machine 1000x1500 mm with repositioning, maximum punching thickness of 6 mm

hydraulic shears arienti


Hydraulic shears with a useful cut of 3000 mm in length and 3 mm in thickness

press brake cr 220/41 gold

CR 220/41 GOLD

Press brake with numerical control 220 tons with a length of 4000 mm

pressing-bending imal gladiator


Hydraulic bending press 45 tons with numerical control with a length of 2000 mm

High precision metal processing

Pantograph will appeal to carpenters, craftsmen, installers, designers and industry professionals, with tridimensional plasma cutting services and metallic carpentry, such as bending, shearing, punching and ashlar of metal panels for different uses, from construction to furnishing.

3D plasma cutting

Cutting plasma system HPR260XD Bevel with tridimensional rotation torch


Sheet metal press bending

System press bending by 220 tonnes for carpentry semifinished


Punching and shearing

Punching machine with repositioning and hydraulic shear numerically controlled