Precision metal carpentry

Services of light carpentry, average and heavy

Pantograph operating for years with professionalism and passion in the processing of sheet metal for carpentry experimenting with techniques and materials to create new and original forms, creating personalised processing quickly at competitive costs through systems vanguard.

Pantograph ensures high precision works through the use of technologically advanced instruments and experienced operators for the realization of:

  • pantographed signs and engraved plates
  • panels for gates and doors
  • ventilated walls perforated sheet
  • artistic perforated metal sheets
  • balconies, stairs and railings
  • rose windows and plate rails in iron
  • metal furnishing accessories
  • fixing plates
  • carpentry plates
  • ashlar panels
  • sheet metal folding
  • microforate plates

Currently the company has:

  • plasma cutting system HPR260XD Bevel with working range 2500x4000 mm and a thickness up to 38 mm
  • plasma cutting system POWERMAX 105 with working range 1500x3000 mm and thickness from 0,5 mm to 12 mm
  • bending press CR 220/41 Gold by 220 tons with a length of 4000 mm
  • bending press IMAL Gladiator by 45 tons with a length of 2000 mm
  • hydraulic shears ARIENTI with useful cut 3000 mm x 3mm thick
  • punching machine RAINER 2000 1000x1500 mm with repositioning, maximum thickness of 6 mm coinable
  • a well stocked warehouse of high-quality materials to meet all customer requirements promptly




High precision metal processing tailored

Thanks to decades of experience of Pantograph owners, provides a wide range of services for metal carpentry, semi-finished of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, panels for window frames, gates and railings, furniture, stairs and balconies and small parts for carpentry, planning, studying and realizing any customer request.

Pantograph is a small but enterprising company in the processing industry of iron metal sheets, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

It is located in Manduria, near Taranto and deals especially for:

  • 3D plasma cutting of steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper
  • high-precision punching and shearing of metal sheets
  • sheetmetal folding under pressure with CNC systems for series production
  • high precision industrial carpentry

Thanks to the professionalism and long experience of the owners, Andrea and Mirko, the company has managed to become a benchmark in the metal products sector at the national level, providing a qualitatively impeccable service, competent, reliable and punctual.

3d plasma cutting