Punching and shearing with numerical control systems

Artistic perforated sheet metal and ventilated walls perforated sheet

Our punching and shearing systems allow us to make specific machining of high precision on sheet metal processed and semi-processed, as cutting, pressing, shaping and drilling with CNC system, to be used for various uses of metallic carpentry.

The sheet processing department is equipped with a punching machine with repositioning for working sheet metal by the maximum size of 1x1,5 meters with a maximum thickness of 6 mm and a hydraulic shear with cutting capacity of 3 meters for a thickness of 3 mm.
Both of these systems perform numerical control machining of sheets of aluminum, steel and stainless steel to allow the serial production and meet the demand of customers with specific technical requirements.

Operating features:

  • sizes: punching 1000x1500 mm - shearing 3000 mm
  • thickness: punching 6 mm - shearing 3 mm
  • minimum diameter of the hole: punching 6 mm - shearing 3 mm
  • excellent quality of finish in high production speed

With these machines we get a good quality of work while maintaining high execution speed.

Punching machine sheet metal
Punching sheet metal panels
Punched panels for fences
Punching galvanized panels for gates
Perforated sheets metal
Artistic drilling sheet metal
Artistic sheets microperforated
Artistic perforated sheet metal
Cut to fit the sheet metal
Snip sheet metal