Bending sheet metal and semi-finished products for carpentry

Press bending sheet metal third account

Thanks to our press bending plant of 220 tons we give shape to the metal producing special semi-finished to the customer's specific request. We perform precision carpentry work on metal sheets with professionalism ensuring precision and quality in the production.

Our system allows us to work-bending sheet metal up to 4 meters long to realize bending and shaping of metal sheets with the utmost precision and accuracy, from the most simple to the most complex structures. The workable thicknesses vary depending on the lengths of the profiles to be achieved.

Operating features:

  • length 4000 mm
  • bending thickness da 2 a 15 mm
  • excellent quality of the fold

We can realize processing and finishing of any shape, simple or complex, in series, at low cost and with no room for error. If you are assigned to the field of light carpentry, medium or heavy, contact us, we have the right solution for you!

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